Euro 68 - surface treatments PDF Print E-mail

For surface treatments of windows, Sikkens scumble lacquers are recommended.

Technological procedure applied in surface treatments of windows:

1sharpening by leveling grinding machine with precision of +/- 0.1 mm grain 100/mm2

2watering (in coniferous woody plants, it recovers longitudinal fibers)

3hand made sharpening by grain 150/mm2

4impregnation by dipping Sikkens WM 662 clear, with oak SP 11

5bating by dipping Sikkens WP 562 leveling wood stain

6handmade sharpening grain 240/mm2

7paint spraying by the high-pressure techniques 150 um Sikkens WF 950 or WF 955

8handmade sharpening grain 240/mm2

9final spraying by high-pressure techniques 200 um Sikkens WF 950 or WF 955