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Maintenance of surface treatment:By means of treatment, small blows and cracks which are invisible with naked eye close up but in the course of time they might leak water into the wood and make the risk of damaging the surface bigger. Treatment or maintenance must be done at least once a year. Sikkens Pflegeset set containing 250 ml of neutral cleanser and 250 ml of renewing milk is recommended to use. Neutral cleanser is not aggressive against surface treatment and cleans down thoroughly all the dirt on windows and doors. Consequently, after all the windows have been cleaned, renewing milk is applied. Milk is laid on along the fibre by means of a packed in face-cloth. Treatment should not be done at high temperatures.

Maintenance of movable parts of circumferential ironwork:Particular windows of the house are used with different frequency of opening and closing and thus it is essential to observe the state of ironwork. In case there is a notable mechanical resistance (it is more difficult to open or close the window), check the movable parts and where necessary oil with a silicone spray, VD40 fixture, or any other lubricant.

When do windows get dewy on the bottom part of interior glass?Dewiness is precipitation of water, which is present in the room in the form of water vapour on the coldest place. Usually, it is typical of cold metallic parts such as water faucet (in the bathroom), cold bottles with liquid (in summer), but also a colder bottom part of glass panel board. Dewiness happens mainly if there is a big difference in temperatures of air and individual subjects that can be found in a room. Dewiness is also strongly influenced by relative humidity. In normal circumstances the humidity is from 40 up to 45%. Dewiness appears if there is increase in difference between interior and exterior temperatures and also if there is increase in relative humidity (damp laundry, shower, cooking in the kitchen, etc.). For all that, in winter season it is necessary to adjust an increase in relative humidity in the room by brief but intensive ventilating. Very important is also right placement of heating elements under the windows, which should not be trimmed improperly (too wide) by window board to secure natural airing along the glass.Dewiness of the window is not a reason for a complaint!