Why wooden windows? PDF Print E-mail


Here is the answer…Euro window is a natural product which wholly contains materials that do not represent any threat for the ecology. Its construction is solid, not instable and it holds the shape. Wooden, three-ply euro prism of which the windows are made has the lowest thermal (heat) coefficient of linear dilatability of all the materials used for production of windows (plastic, aluminium, etc.). Massive construction secures high firmness. Construction of plastic windows is reinforced with steel profile with V-section which is 15-20 times smaller than V-section of wooden euro prism although at first sight it seems the both windows are equally firm. Annual maintenance e.g. surface treatment of wooden windows can be a disadvantage though in more detailed view; we have to admit that maintenance-free plastic windows might be affected by influence of solar radiation and weather and consequently all the colour changes are incontrovertible. Wooden window can have a look of a brand new one even 20 years after well-kept maintenance and following the instructions. A wooden window transmits damp (it breaths) so the room is not closed hermetically as it is with plastic windows. There are many reasons why to choose wooden euro windows.

Can a low price be the reason why to choose plastic windows?