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  • insulated triple glass 4+12+4+10+4 k=0,7Wm-2K aluminium distance frame
  • insulated triple glass 4+12+4+10+4 k=0,65Wm-2K rustles distance frame
  • safety insulated triple glass 6+10+4+10+4 k=0,6Wm-2K rustles distance frame

Weather board

Winged weather boards Gutman 8532 (anodized aluminium)They protect bottom winged part of window which is exposed to influence of weather activity, especially water.
Framed weather boards Donau (anodized aluminium)It supplies perfect drain of water and ensures from conglutinating of weather stripping of wings with plastic part of weather board. Weather stripping sits on wooden part of window.

Weather stripping

SchlegelFoamy weather stripping has smaller memory effect than classical weather stripping.
Main weather strippingis 12mm wide. Another stripping is supplementary so called fluffy.