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Spruce firMaterial, which is used mainly for production of windows and is quite favoured among customers thanks to its cheaper price. Their durability depends on quality of surface treatment.
PineMaterial contains more resin which guarantees its long durability. However in some cases it might interfere with the aesthetic effectiveness of a final product.
LarchRed spruce – one of the top quality coniferous species. The consistence and balanced proportion of resin make it an ideal material for production of euro windows in Central European climate. It has long durability amounting to more than 100 years.
MerantiTropical woody plants, characteristic of typical homogenous structure as well as their colourful differences. Wit its measured consistence more than 500kg/m3 it represents very nice, firm and good quality material for production of euro windows.
OakThe firmest material for production of euro windows is typical of water abhorrent quality. Oak is of the best quality and with densest material. Its durability reaches several hundred years.